Our Staff & Committee


Colette Bibby

Youth Team Leader
'My role as youth team leader for our Basingstoke and District Young Carers charity is both pivotal and fulfilling, as it entails providing support and empowerment to young individuals shouldering caregiving responsibilities in their homes. Young Carers encounter specific life challenges, encompassing social, emotional, and educational dimensions. Collaborating with a dedicated team of support youth workers, we strive to fortify the resilience of our Young Carers and equip them with effective coping mechanisms to navigate these multifaceted challenges. Together, we cultivate a safe and welcoming environment that not only encourages Young Carers to openly express their feelings and seek support but also offers them the opportunity to have fun and respite with their peers. Our aim is to ensure that our deserving young individuals find solace and support in a nurturing community that understands and appreciates the unique journey they navigate into adulthood.'

Jade Withers

Young Carers Youth Support Worker
'As a support youth worker for Basingstoke and District Young Carers, my role is dedicated to establishing a safe haven where children can experience the joys of childhood, free from the premature responsibilities that transform them into young adults while caring for their loved ones at home. Witnessing the delight and happiness reflected in the smiling faces of our young carers as they engage in fun activities with their peers brings a smile to my face, knowing that feel safe, supported and empowered.'

Holly Fowkes

Young Carers Youth Support Worker
'For over 14 years, I have been actively engaged with the Basingstoke and District Young Carers community. My journey commenced as a recipient of support as a young carer from age 8. Since then, I have advanced through various roles, evolving from a young leader to a dedicated volunteer and presently serving as a youth worker. I aim to cultivate a nurturing, secure, and all-embracing atmosphere for our youth, mirroring the supportive environment I once experienced. By sharing my own journey, I can inspire young individuals to openly discuss and navigate their emotions, thoughts, and challenges as young carers.’

Charity Trustees


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Chris Garrett


Miranda Smith

Vice Chair
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